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Sterile Discs Medical Grade: Anti-Keloids Discs for Body Piercings

Sterile Discs Medical Grade: Anti-Keloids Discs for Body Piercings

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Sterile Discs Medical Grade - Anti-Keloids Discs for Body Piercings

Introducing our Box of 50 sterile medical-grade soft plastic discs, available in three different sizes: 3 mm, 5 mm, and 7 mm in diameter. These discs are the perfect solution for those who experience discomfort from keloids or bumps on their piercings by sitting between the skin and the tip of the jewelry used.

Our Anti-Keloids or Anti-Bump discs are designed to provide comfort and protection by separating the metal contact from your skin with a soft medical grade plastic that will reduce the contact of your skin with the jewelry, reducing irritation and providing comfort, which will give your body a chance to heal the area. This helps to prevent irritation caused by metal jewelry, creating the conditions for your piercing to heal properly.

Sterile discs Specifications:

1- 3mm diameter with 1mm hole and 0.8 0.8mm thickness (the hole can expand comfortably to 1.2mm or more)
2- 5mm diameter with 1.2mm hole and  1mm thickness (the hole can expand comfortably to 1.6mm or more)
3- 7mm diameter with 1.6mm hole and  1mm thickness  (the hole can expand comfortably to 2mm or more).

These EO Gas individually packed sterilized discs are a must-have for anyone with piercings, as they not only provide relief from bumps and keloids but also ensure that your jewellery fits nicely and comfortably, reducing irritations. 

With our medical grade discs (called NoPull discs by other sellers), you have the right product to take the first step to reduce irritation and keloids in the first instance, giving you time to change your body jewelry to something more adapted for your piercing, as most of the time, the material (allergies), the shape of your jewelry, or even the size can create these bumps and keloids if these are not adapted.

Don't let bumps and keloids ruin your piercing experience. Get your box of sterile discs today and say goodbye to discomfort and irritation while looking for better-adapted body jewelry for your piercing.

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