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Non-Sterile Loose Poli Clamps Piercing Forceps - PRO & ECO Version

Non-Sterile Loose Poli Clamps Piercing Forceps - PRO & ECO Version

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The "PRO" version has ergonomic rippled curves for better grip and stability when you want precision piercing. With quick guides on the clamps, you can also measure the length, the inside diameter of a ring, and the gauge of the body jewelry you use in millimeters and inches!
The "ECO" version is a lighter and cheaper version, but still a strong tool you can trust to suit the “cheaper” market without compromising on quality.
Both PRO and ECO Clamps come with a rubber band.

Designed both for those who like to use the rubber band and for those who don't. These clamps have been designed with a 'breaking point' on the teeth to allow you to just 'break them out" and use the rubber band provided if you prefer.

The open gap on the Open Rounds and Open Triangles allows any piercing needle up to 12 G (2.5mm).
5 different tips are available in both the ECO and PRO versions:

1- Open Round.
2- Closed Round.
3- Open Triangle (also known as Pennington Forceps)
4- Closed Trangle (Pennington Forceps)
5- Universal (precision forceps for septum, ear lobe, cartilage, nose and lip piercings)

- Material: ABS
- Include a Quality Rubber Band
- Packaging: In Zip Bag
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