BioFlex: The Safe and Comfortable Choice for Body Jewelry

BioFlex: The Innovative Bio-Compatible Body Jewelry for Safe and Comfortable Piercings


In 2001, Patrick Poli, a professional body piercer from the United Kingdom, revolutionized the body jewelry industry by creating BioFlex, the first bio-compatible material specifically designed for body piercings. BioFlex has since become a leading choice among body jewelry enthusiasts and professional piercers worldwide, offering a unique combination of safety, comfort, and style. As of [current year], Patrick Poli continues to own the BioFlex trademark, ensuring the quality and integrity of this innovative material. Moreover, BioFlex undergoes constant improvement, with new blends of materials being developed, such as BioFlex with Bamboo and BioFlex with Hemp, to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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Properties and Benefits of BioFlex

1. Medical Approval and Compliance

BioFlex is a medically approved plastic that adheres to stringent European standards and complies with regulations set by the Council of Europe, European Pharmacopeia, and the U.S. Federal Drug Administration. This ensures that BioFlex is safe for use in body piercings and meets the highest quality standards in the industry.

2. Bio-Compatibility and Hypo-Allergenic

One of the key features of BioFlex is its bio-compatibility and hypo-allergenic properties. This makes it suitable for initial piercings and helps promote faster healing of troubled or infected piercings. BioFlex's bio-compatibility also reduces the risk of allergic reactions, making it an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive skin.

3. Flexibility and Comfort

BioFlex is highly flexible, allowing it to move with the body and provide maximum comfort. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for active individuals, physical workers, and pregnant women. BioFlex belly bars, for example, are extra long and designed to accommodate the growth of the belly during pregnancy, ensuring both safety and comfort.

4. Hygienic and Easy Maintenance

The highly polished surface of BioFlex makes it hygienic and easy to clean, promoting better overall hygiene for the piercing. Additionally, BioFlex is transparent, allowing for discreet wearing of piercings when desired.

5. Adjustable and Versatile

BioFlex bars can be easily adjusted to the desired length using sharp scissors or a blade, providing a customized fit for various piercings. The "Multi-use tube" system also allows for the use of different types of threaded jewelry, further enhancing versatility.

6. Heat and Cold Resistance

BioFlex remains comfortable to wear in both hot and cold temperatures, as it does not overheat in the summer or become uncomfortably cold in the winter. This temperature resistance ensures year-round comfort for the wearer.

Continuous Improvement and Sustainable Development

Patrick Poli and his team are dedicated to the continuous improvement of BioFlex, constantly seeking ways to enhance its properties and performance. In line with the growing global concern for sustainability and environmental responsibility, BioFlex is now being developed with new blends of materials, such as BioFlex with Bamboo and BioFlex with Hemp.

These innovative blends not only maintain the exceptional qualities of BioFlex but also incorporate sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly. By using bamboo and hemp, which are known for their rapid growth and minimal environmental impact, BioFlex is taking a step towards reducing its ecological footprint while still providing the highest quality body jewelry.

BioFlex Jewelry Types

BioFlex offers a wide range of jewelry types to cater to various piercings and personal preferences. Some of the popular BioFlex jewelry types include:

  1. BioFlex Barbells: Available with titanium balls, BioFlex barbells are suitable for a variety of piercings, including tongue, nipple, and navel piercings.

  2. BioFlex BCRs (Ball Closure Rings): These rings are a comfortable option for cartilage piercings, such as helix, tragus, and daith piercings.

  3. BioFlex Circular Barbells: Offered in different gauges (e.g., 1.2mm or 1.6mm), BioFlex circular barbells are ideal for septum, daith, and rook piercings.

  4. BioFlex Nose Rings: BioFlex nose rings come in various styles, including colored open nose rings and jeweled nose screws, perfect for nostril piercings.

  5. BioFlex Septum Retainers: Designed specifically for septum piercings, BioFlex septum retainers provide a comfortable and discreet option for those who need to conceal their piercing.

  6. BioFlex Labrets: BioFlex labrets are available in different lengths and gauges, making them suitable for lip, cheek, and monroe piercings.

  7. BioFlex Plugs and Tunnels: For those with stretched ear piercings, BioFlex offers plugs and tunnels in various sizes, allowing for a comfortable and lightweight wearing experience.

These are just a few examples of the BioFlex jewelry types available on the market. With its versatility and adaptability, BioFlex can be used to create a wide array of jewelry designs to suit individual tastes and piercing requirements.

BioFlex Push Fit: Enhancing Safety and Style

BioFlex Push Fit jewelry takes safety and style to the next level. With its innovative push-fit mechanism, BioFlex Push Fit provides a secure fit while also offering a unique safety feature. In the event of sudden shocks or excessive pressure, the push-fit design allows the jewel to release, preventing potential tearing of the piercing and minimizing the risk of injury.

Available in various gauges and styles, BioFlex Push Fit caters to a wide range of piercings, from delicate nose studs to bold tongue barbells. The push-fit design also makes insertion and removal of the jewelry effortless, without compromising on security.


BioFlex, created by Patrick Poli, has transformed the body jewelry industry by prioritizing safety, comfort, and style. With its medically approved status, bio-compatibility, and versatile properties, BioFlex has become the go-to choice for body piercing enthusiasts and professionals alike. The introduction of BioFlex Push Fit further demonstrates Patrick Poli's commitment to innovation and user well-being.

As Patrick Poli continues to own the BioFlex trademark, customers can trust in the quality and authenticity of this groundbreaking material. The ongoing development of new BioFlex blends, such as BioFlex with Bamboo and BioFlex with Hemp, showcases the brand's dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Whether you are a seasoned body jewelry wearer or considering your first piercing, BioFlex offers a safe, comfortable, and stylish solution for all your body jewelry needs, while also contributing to a greener future.